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UA 105.012 Guide to the North Carolina State University, College of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Records, 1889-1996

This subgroup is comprised of two series: General Records and Unprocessed Materials. The contents of the former are arranged alphabetically by topic. Those of the latter are arranged in the way they were received.
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Contained here are booklets, brochures, correspondence, flyers, lists of graduates, minutes of staff meetings, pamphlets, photographs, programs, proposals, promotional brochures, and reports relating to departmental activities and functions.
American Institute of Electrical Engineers
[Box 1, Folder 1] 1919 - 1948
American Society for Engineering Education
[Box 1, Folder 2] 1947 - 1948
Annual Reports
[Box 1, Folder 3] 1948 - 1949
[Box 1, Folder 4] 1969, [No date]
Carolina Power & Light Company
Special Service Contract
[Box 1, Folder 5] 1918, 1933
Atomic Energy
[Box 1, Folder 6] 1946 - 1949
Course and Curricula
[Box 1, Folder 7] 1946 - 1947
Electrical Engineering Advirsory
[Box 1, Folder 8] 1924
[Box 1, Folder 9] 1946 - 1947
Humanistic - Social Studies Sequence
[Box 1, Folder 10] 1945 - 1948
Memorial Tower
[Box 1, Folder 11] 1947
Electrical Equipment for the Textile Industry
[Box 1, Folder 12] 1952 - 1960
Courses and Curriculum
"See also Staff Meetings "
[Box 1, Folder 13] 1889 - 1980
Departmental Procedures
[Box 1, Folder 14] 1949
Engineering Experiment Station
[Box 2, Folder 1] 1940 - 1946
Engineering Research Department
[Box 2, Folder 2] 1946 - 1948
Engineers' Council for Professional Development
[Box 2, Folder 3] 1933 - 1963
Engineers' Fair
[Box 2, Folder 4] 1928 - 1938
[Box 2, Folder 5] 1964
[Box 2, Folder 6] 1918 - 1945
Faculty Publications and Research Activities
[Box 2, Folder 7] 1935
[Box 2, Folder 8] 1947 - 1986
General Correspondence
[Box 2, Folder 9] 1916 - 1928
[Box 2, Folder 10] 1929 - 1952
General Electric
Electrical Engineering Gift Account
[Box 2, Folder 11] 1946 - 1948
General Information
[Box UA105.2.2, Folder 12] 1933 - 1988
Graduate Study and Research
[Box UA105.2.2, Folder 13] 1964 - 1989
Industrial Research in College and Universities
[Box 3, Folder 1] 1944 - 1945
Laboratory Renovation
[Box 3, Folder 2] 1945
National Bureau of Standards
[Box 3, Folder 3] 1965 - 1967
[Box 3, Folder 4] 1968 - 1969
National Science Foundation
Electrical Engineering Junior Circuits Laboratory
[Box 3, Folder 5] 1965 - 1967
[Half Box 8, Folder 1] Possible Electives for Seniors in Electrical Engineering, 1925
Seminars, Short Courses, and Lectures
[Box 3, Folder 6] 1935 - 1965
Sigma Xi
[Box 3, Folder 7] 1942 - 1948
Staff Meetings
[Box 3, Folder 8] 1946 - 1947
[Box 3, Folder 9] 1948 - 1952
[Box 3, Folder 1] 1953 - 1958
[Box 4, Folder 2] 1959 - 1960
[Box 4, Folder 3] 1920 - 1970
Teaching Loads
[Box 4, Folder 4] 1945 - 1948
[Box 4] Course Packets for ECE department classes, 1991 - 1996
[Carton 5] Affirmative Action Files, 1979 - 1991 (Accession no. 3856)
[Carton 6] Course packs for ECE department classes, 1989 - 1996 (Accession no. 2006-0029)
[Box 7] Course packets, reports, brochures, and other materials, 1985-1991, undated (Accession no. 2007-0057)
Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Study and Research promotional packet; Power Semiconductor Research Center brochure and technical report; Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory research activity reports; Graduate Study and Research Electrical and Computer Engineering (1985).
[Half Box 8] Possible electives for Seniors in Electrical Engineering, 1925 (Accession no. 2010-0204)


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5 boxes, 2 cartons, 1 half box



Acquisitions Information

Transferred from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Processed by: Russell S. Koonts; machine-readable finding aid created by: Katherine M. Wisser; Finding aid updated by Cate Putirskis, 2010 November


2010 November, 2012 July, Finding aid updated to reflect additions to the collection by Cate Putirskis, 201 November, Updated by Beverly King, 2012 July

Scope and Content Note

The records of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering cover the years 1889 to 1996. They contain booklets, brochures, correspondence, flyers, lists of graduates, minutes of staff meetings, pamphlets, photographs, programs, proposals, promotional brochures, and reports relating to the department. The records also include files pertaining to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, the American Society for Engineering Education and the Engineer's Council for Professional Development (ECPD), the National Science Foundation and Sigma Xi. The ECPD records contain material relating to the accreditation of the department. Additional materials are unprocessed and include course packets and affirmative action files.

Historical Note

The first electrical engineering class at the college that became North Carolina State University was taught in 1893. Electrical Engineering became an independent department when it split off from Physics in 1917. The origins of the computer science program date to 1957. The department became Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1981.

Lieutenant Richard Henderson of the United States Navy, professor of Military Tactics and Physics, taught the first electrical course in 1893 at North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts, now North Carolina State University. In 1894, the chair of Physics and Electrical Engineering was established and filled by Lieutenant Henderson. A four-year course leading to a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree was first offered in 1900.

In 1908, Professor William Hand Browne, Jr. was appointed head of Physics and Electrical Engineering. When Physics and Electrical Engineering separated in 1917 and became independent departments, Professor Browne remained head of the Electrical Engineering Department. During Professor Browne's tenure, the Engineer's Council for Professional Development (ECPD) accredited the department in 1937. The engineering programs at North Carolina State University received a huge boost when all engineering programs taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University were consolidated in Raleigh on July 1, 1938. After Professor Browne stepped down as department head in 1944, Professor Raymond S. Fouraker served as acting head for one year.

Several significant events occurred during Dr. Cornelius Godfrey Brennecke's tenure as department head from 1945 to 1954: (1) the Engineer's Council for Professional Development (ECPD) renewed the department's accreditation in 1949; (2) Dr. Brennecke added several faculty members holding doctorates; (3) in 1953, Robert Lee Clemons, a black student and honor graduate, from North Carolina A & T College (later University), in Greensboro, was admitted as a graduate student in electrical engineering; and (4) the first engineering doctoral degree given by the university (in electrical engineering) in 1953 to Ralph Marshall McGehee.

From 1954 to 1979 department heads and acting department head were: Dr. George Burnham Hoadley, department head (1954-1974); Dr. Larry K. Monteith, department head (1974-1978); and Dr. James F. Kauffman, acting head (1978-1979).

The origins of computer science at NCSU can be said to extend back to the basement of Patterson Hall when, in 1957, the Department of Experimental Statistics installed computers there. Five years later, this facility formally became known as the NCSU Computing Center. The role of computers at the university received a tremendous boost in August 1965 when NCSU joined Duke and UNC and, with the help of a National Science Foundation grant, formed The Triangle Universities Computation Center or TUCC. In less than two years, the system became fully operational. With Professor Dave Mason, from the Department of Statistics, spearheading TUCC for NCSU, the university soon had one high-speed access terminal and several medium and low-speed terminals to interface with the mainframe.

During Dr. Nino A. Masnari's tenure as department head from 1979-1988, numerous events took place. In 1981, the departmental designation was changed to Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dr. John Hauser, Michael Littlejohn, and Nino Masnari started the Microelectronics Center of North Carolina (MCNC) in the early 1980s. The Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Computer Engineering were approved in 1983. Research programs made significant advances during this time when several research centers were founded. The Center for Communications and Signal Processing (CCSP) was founded in 1982, the Electric Power Research Center (EPRC) in 1985, and the Center for Advanced Electronic Materials Processing in 1988.

Additional information and resources on the history of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering can be found through the NCSU Historical State website external link.

List of Department Heads

1894 - 1908 Richard Henderson
1908 - 1944 William Hand Browne, Jr.
1944 - 1945 Raymond S. Fouraker, acting head
1945 - 1954 Cornelius Godfrey Brennecke
1954 - 1974 George Burnham Hoadley
1974 - 1978 Larry K. Monteith
1978 - 1979 James F. Kauffman, acting head
1979 - 1988 Nino A. Masneri
1988 - 1989 Tildon H. Glisson, acting head
1989 - 1994 Ralph K. Cavin III
1994 - 1995 John R. Hauser, acting head
1995 - 2000 Robert M. Kolbas
2000 - 2001 John Grainger, acting head
2001 - 2003 John R. Hauser, acting head
2003 - Robert J. Trew

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