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UA 016.034 Preliminary Inventory of the North Carolina State University, Division of Student Affairs, Department of Student Development Records, 1926-2000

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North Carolina State University. Department of Student Development.


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General Physical Description note

9 cartons, 1 box



Acquisitions Information

Transferred from North Carolina State University, Division of Student Affairs.


Processed by: Russell S. Koonts; machine-readable finding aid created by: Russell S. Koonts; Pat Webber; Finding aid updated by Cate Putirskis, 2010 October


2010 October, Finding aid updated to reflect additions to the collection by Cate Putirskis, 2010 October.

Scope and Content Note

The records of the Department of Student Development contain annual plans, brochures, correspondence, minutes, policies and procedures, programs, and surveys. The records document the activities of the office and its committees from 1926 to 2000.

Historical Information

Former units of the Department of Student Development
Affrican American Student Affairs Offering a variety of academic and non-academic support programs, the African American Student Affairs staff (AASA) promotes and utilizes programs that actively enrich the lives of African-American students. The Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator of AASA work with graduate staff and volunteer students to develop academic and personal success networks to build a dynamic framework for success. AASA stresses the need and importance of continued program enhancement and retention of African-American students. Chaplians' Cooperative Ministry In an effort to support students in their quest for spiritual and emotional growth, the Chaplains’ Cooperative Ministry offers a wide variety of religious ministries and traditions as well as interfaith programs to the NC State community. Studies, worship, meals, socials, outings and retreats, missions trips, service projects and counseling are offered, allowing students to pursue their faith in an educational setting. Parents' Orientation Offered in conjunction with student orientation, Parents’ Orientation presents a firsthand look at curricular and co-curricular opportunities that make up NC State. The interactive program is designed to inform parents about the many different departments and services that affect their student and address any questions and concerns that arise. As part of the experience, parents and families have the chance to stay in a campus residence hall, eat in a dining hall, and explore campus with members of the staff and the student body. Parents' Helpline NC State has established a toll-free Parents' HelpLine to respond in a more personal way to questions regarding the university. When you call (877) 568-5733, you'll talk with Student Development staff, who are glad to work with you to sort out any problems, questions or concerns you may have. Renewed Commitment Created as an academic skills program for freshman and sophomore students, the Renewed Commitment program assists students facing academic difficulty. The rigorous program promotes active learning and challenges students to take responsibility for their educational careers. Students are counseled one-on-one and in small groups to build a comprehensive, personalized program designed for both personal and academic success. Emphasis is placed on practicing good time management and study skills, improving communication skills, developing relationships with faculty, and promoting personal integrity and competence. Student Government Advising Members of the Division of Student Affairs including the Department of Student Development provide support for members of Student Government including the Student Body President, the Student Senate, and the Student Body Treasurer. Student Media Authority Get a firsthand look at the many facets of a student-run organization while making a positive contribution to the media at NC State. The Student Media Authority has opportunities available in many areas and concentrations including journalism, design, marketing, engineering, accounting, public affairs, and broadcasting, just to name a few! This is a great way to get your feet wet by exploring career interests right here on campus. The Student Media Authority includes: Agromeck (yearbook) Windhover (literary magazine) The Nubian Message (African-American student newspaper) WKNC (FM radio station 88.1)

The Department of Student Development worked to help students become competent as adults, ethical, responsible, enthusiastic about their involvement in human affairs, and optimistic about their future, and had a special interest and responsibility in helping students with cultural understanding as relating to ethnicity. The Department of Student Development was dissolved sometime in or after 2000, with its member programs each becoming separate departments within the Division of Student Affairs.

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