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RBC 00006 Guide to the John Ptak Computer Science Book Collection, 1891-1987 (bulk 1940-1965)

This collection is arranged in five series: Articles, Reports, Journals, and Pamphlets; Correspondence; Commercial Pamphlets and Instruction Manuals; Other Papers; and Oversize Diagrams.
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The John Ptak Computer Science articles, reports, journals,and pamphlets series contains printed material focusing on computers, mathematics, and the sciences, dating from 1891 to 1987. It is primarily made up of articles and reports written and published between 1940 and 1965.
[Box 1, Folder 1] A-Ande, 1944-1971
[Box 1, Folder 2] Andf-Az, 1941-1987
[Box 1, Folder 3] Association for Computing Machines (ACM), 1963-1967
[Box 1, Folder 4] Baer-Becker, 1950-1975
[Box 1, Folder 5] Benson-Bookstein, 1950-1975
[Box 2, Folder 1] Borko-Butler, 1946-1967
[Box 2, Folder 2] Bibliographies, 1947-1964
[Box 2, Folder 3] Ca-Che, 1924-1966
[Box 2, Folder 4] Chr-Cz, 1948-1978
[Box 3, Folder 1] Conference, Meeting, and Symposium programs, 1938-1963
[Box 3, Folder 2] D, 1914-1973
[Box 3, Folder 3] E, 1958-1981
[Box 3, Folder 4] Elsasser, Walter, 1964-1977 and undated
[Box 4, Folder 1] F, 1914-1977
[Box 4, Folder 2] Foerster, Heinz von, 1960-1969 and undated
[Box 4, Folder 3] Ga-Gi, 1920-1967 and undated
[Box 4, Folder 4] Go-Greer, 1950-1964
[Box 4, Folder 5] Greg-Gu, 1950-1961
[Box 5, Folder 1] Ha-Hawes, 1949-1966
[Box 5, Folder 2] Hawkins-Hays, 1939-1965
[Box 5, Folder 3] He-Ho, 1930-1968
[Box 5, Folder 4] Hu-Hy, 1949-1963 and undated
[Box 5, Folder 5] Householder, Alston S., 1955-1958
[Box 5, Folder 6] I, 1893-1954 and undated
[Box 6, Folder 1] Iowa State University Statistical Lab Annual Report, 1944-1950
[Box 6, Folder 2] Iowa State University Statistical Lab Annual Report, 1950-1962
[Box 6, Folder 3] Iowa State University Statistical Lab Statlab Review, 1951-1957
[Box 6, Folder 4] J, 1958-1960 and undated
[Box 6, Folder 5] Ka-Ke, 1949-1967
[Box 6, Folder 6] Kl-Koc, 1897-1962
[Box 7, Folder 1] Kon-Ku, 1936-1961
[Box 7, Folder 2] L, 1929-1961
[Box 7, Folder 3] Ma-Mar, 1891-1972
[Box 7, Folder 4] May-Mil, 1929-1969 and undated
[Box 7, Folder 5] Mit-Mor, 1900-1964
[Box 8, Folder 1] Mos-Mu, 1950-1966
[Box 8, Folder 2] Maloney, Dr. Clifford J. - published material, 1957-1958
[Box 8, Folder 3] Maloney, Dr. Clifford J. - "A Remington Rand Punched Card Data Retrieval System" - presented at the annual meeting of the American Documentation Institute, held at the Governor Clinton Hotel in New York on December 28 and 29, 1956, 1956
[Box 8, Folder 4] Marschak, Jacob, 1962-1976
[Box 8, Folder 5] Na, 1955-1981
[Box 8, Folder 6] Ne-Ni, 1942-1966
[Box 8, Folder 7] No-Nu, 1942-1955
[Box 9, Folder 1] Neisser, Ulric, 1958-1963
[Box 9, Folder 2] New York State College of Agriculture - Biometrics Unit Annual Reports, 1950-1957
[Box 9, Folder 3] O, 1950-1959
[Box 9, Folder 4] Pa-Pe, 1896-1972
[Box 9, Folder 5] Ph-Pu, 1899-1979
[Box 9, Folder 6] Popular Science volume 148, number 1, January, 1946
[Box 9, Folder 7] Ra-Rob, 1921-1971
[Box 10, Folder 1] Rog-Ru, 1953-1962 and undated
[Box 10, Folder 2] Sa-Sc, 1923-1966 and undated
[Box 10, Folder 3] Se-Si, 1949-1964 and undated
[Box 10, Folder 4] So-St, 1929-1969
[Box 11, Folder 1] Ta-To, 1932-1963 and undated
[Box 11, Folder 2] Tu, 1955-1961 and undated
[Box 11, Folder 3] "Technocracy" pamphlets, 1919-1933 and undated
[Box 11, Folder 4] U, 1955-1963
[Box 11, Folder 5] University of Pennsylvania, "Transformations and Discourse Analysis Projects", 1960 and undated
[Box 11, Folder 6] University of Wisconsin-Madison meeting, "The Computing Lab in the University", 1955
[Box 11, Folder 7] V, 1952-1958 and undated
[Box 11, Folder 8] Wa-Wo, 1911-1962 and undated
[Box 12, Folder 1] Wr-Wu, 1955-1964 and undated
[Box 12, Folder 2] Y-Z, 1953-1964
[Box 14, Folder 1] Arcelli, Carlo and Gabriella Sanniti di Baja, "A Technique for Shape Analysis", 1987
[Box 14, Folder 2] Foerster, Heinz Von, "ARTORGA (Artificial Organisms)" letter, 1963
[Box 14, Folder 3] George, F.H., "ARTORGA - Semantic Machines", 1962
[Box 14, Folder 4] Hilditch, Judith and Denis Rutovitz, "Algorithms for Chromosome Recognition", undated
The John Ptak Computer Science correspondence series contains letters written between 1900 and 1966. Writers include Curtis J. Maloney and Hans Reissner.
[Box 12, Folder 3] Various correspondence, 1900-1966
[Box 12, Folder 4] Maloney, Curtis J. - correspondence, 1952-1962
[Box 12, Folder 5] Reissner, Hans - correspondence, 1943-1945
The John Ptak Computer Science commercial pamphlets and instruction manuals series contains software and hardware documentation and sales lists from various companies dating from 1936 to 1972. The bulk of the material is from IBM, though material from companies such as General Electric and Hewlett-Packard is also represented.
[Box 12, Folder 6] A-H, 1936-1972 and undated
[Box 12, Folder 7] IBM manuals, 1936-1963
[Box 12, Folder 8] IBM manuals, 1965-1968 and undated
[Box 13, Folder 1] K-U, 1965 and undated
The John Ptak Computer Science other papers series contains printed and handwritten material. Dated material ranges from 1913 to 1962; many papers are undated.
[Box 13, Folder 2] Historical Material, 1947-1954 and undated
[Box 13, Folder 3] Reports and papers with no titles or authors, 1952-1962 and undated
[Box 13, Folder 4] Handwritten notes, 1949-1954 and undated
[Box 13, Folder 5] Maps, diagrams, and other material, 1913-1962 and undated
The John Ptak Computer Science oversize diagrams series contains approximately 60 diagrams depicting computer circuits and processes. These documents are undated and arranged in the order in which they were received.
[Box 14, Folder 5] Computer diagrams, folder 1, undated
[Box 14, Folder 6] Computer diagrams, folder 2, undated
[Box 14, Folder 7] Computer diagrams, folder 3, undated
[Box 14, Folder 8] Computer diagrams, folder 4, undated
[Box 14, Folder 9] Computer diagrams, folder 5, undated
[Box 14, Folder 9] Computer diagrams, folder 5, undated
[Box 14, Folder 10] Computer diagrams, folder 6, undated
[Box 14, Folder 11] Computer diagrams, folder 7, undated
[Box 14, Folder 12] Computer diagrams, folder 8, undated
[Box 14, Folder 13] Computer diagrams, folder 9, undated
[Box 14, Folder 14] Computer diagrams, folder 10, undated
[Box 14, Folder 15] Computer diagrams, folder 11, undated
[Box 14, Folder 16] Computer diagrams, folder 12, undated
[Box 14, Folder 17] Computer diagrams, folder 13, undated
[Box 14, Folder 18] Computer diagrams, folder 14, undated


Ptak, John F.


7.0 Linear feet

General Physical Description note

14 archival boxes


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Acquisitions Information

Gift of John F. Ptak, 2002 (Accession no. 2002-0025).


Processed by: Anna R. Craft;machine-readable finding aid created by: Anna R. Craft

Scope and Content Note

The John Ptak Computer Science Book Collection contains pamphlets, reports, journal articles, correspondence, software and hardware documentation, and other written material as well as more than 500 monographs and serials which are individually cataloged. The individually cataloged items are identified in the NCSU Libraries catalog as part of the John Ptak Computer Science Book Collection; they are not included in this description. The collection dates range from 1891 to 1987, but the bullk of the material is from 1940-1965. Notable authors and organizations represented include the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Carlo Arcelli, Yehoshua Bar-Hillel, Robert J. Baron, Gordon Becker, Harry Blum, the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Walter M. Elsasser, George E. Forsythe, General Electric, J. K. Hawkins, Hewlett-Packard, Alston S. Householder, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), William Karush, Felix Klein, Clifford J. Maloney, Jacob Marschak, Franco Modigliani, Frederick Mosteller, Ulric Neisser, W. V. Parker, Hans Reissner, Remington Rand, Inc., and Heinz Von Foerster. Topics covered include aeronautics, artificial intelligence, biology, biometrics, communications, computer science, electrical engineering, the history of computing, history of science, immunology, information retrieval, linguistics, logic, machine translation, mathematics, physics, statistics, and technocracy. The majority of the material is written in English, though German, French, and Russian are also represented.

Historical Note

John Ptak was the proprietor of J. F. Ptak Books, Maps, and Prints in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. The store specialized in used, rare, and antiquarian manuscripts, reprints, journals, maps, and prints in mathematics and the sciences.

Materials Cataloged Separately

The John Ptak Computer Science Book Collection also includes more than 500 monographs and serials which are cataloged individually. They are identified in the NCSU Libraries catalog as part of the John Ptak Computer Science Book Collection. To find these materials, please search the catalog external link.

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