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MC 00299 Guide to the Richard M. Felder Papers, 1965-2000

The Richard M. Felder Papers are divided into two series:
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This series contains reprints and copies of several of Felder's publications. The first subseries (Teaching) contains articles he authored and co-authored on teaching and educational topics and philosophies. The second subseries (Research) contains articles on chemical engineering topics. The third subseries (Instructional Materials) contains guides and other informational packets to supplement the teaching of chemical engineering. Finally, the fourth subseries (Other Materials) contains other articles that Felder authored which do not fall into the catagories of the previous subseries.
Materials are arranged chronologically, and then alphabetically therein.
Teaching, 1970-2000
[Box 1, Folder 1] "Problems for Teachers", Fall 1970
[Box 1, Folder 2] "Today We Will Hear From the ChE Department", Summer 1972
[Box 1, Folder 3] "Chemical Process Systems: A Second Course in Chemical Engineering", 1979
[Box 1, Folder 4] "Does Engineering Education Have Anything to Do with Either?", 1984
[Box 1, Folder 5] "Cheating - An Ounce of Prevention...Or the Tragic Tale of the Dying Grandmother", 1985
[Box 1, Folder 6] "The Generic Quiz: A Device to Stimulate Creativitiy and Higher-Level Thinking Skills", 1985
[Box 1, Folder 7] "Identifying and Dealing with Exceptionally Gifted Children: The Half-Blind Leading the Sighted", 1986
[Box 1, Folder 8] "The Future ChE Curriculum: Must One Size Fit All?", 1987
[Box 1, Folder 9] "On Creating Creative Engineers", Jan. 1987
[Box 1, Folder 10] "Random Thoughts...", 1988-2000
[Box 1, Folder 11] "Systems Thinking: An Experimental Course for College Freshman", Spring/Summer 1988
[Box 1, Folder 12] "Creativity in Engineering Education", Summer 1988
[Box 1, Folder 13] "Learning and Teaching Styles in Engineering Education", Apr. 1988
[Box 1, Folder 14] "How Students Learn: Adapting Teaching Styles to Learning Styles", Oct. 1988
[Box 1, Folder 15] "Oh God, Not Another Teaching Workshop!", Sep./Oct. 1989
[Box 1, Folder 16] "Back to Basics, or More of the Same?", 3 Dec. 1989
[Box 1, Folder 17] "Stoichiometry Without Tears", Fall 1990
[Box 1, Folder 18] "A Longitudinal Study of Engineering Student Performance and Retention" (Article), 1992
[Box 1, Folder 19] "A Longitudinal Study of Engineering Student Performance and Retention" (Report), 1992
[Box 1, Folder 20] "Who Gets it and Who Doesn't: A Study of Student Performance in an Introductory Chemical Engineering Course", 1992
[Box 1, Folder 21] "Writing Assignments - Pathways to Connections, Clarity, Creativity", 1992
[Box 1, Folder 22] "Is the Quality of American Students Really Declining?", Jun. 1992
[Box 1, Folder 23] "An Engineering Student Survival Guide", 1993
[Box 1, Folder 24] "Knowledge Structure of the Stoichiometry Course", 1993
[Box 1, Folder 25] "Rural and Small Town Engineering Students: Another Population at Risk", 1993
[Box 1, Folder 26] "Technical Training: Hit the Ground Running", 1993
[Box 1, Folder 27] "A Longitudinal Study of Engineering Student Performance and Retention" (Parts 1-5), 1993-1998
[Box 1, Folder 28] "Reaching the Second Tier - Learning and Teaching Styles in College Science Education", Mar./Apr. 1993
[Box 1, Folder 29] "American Engineering Education: Current Issues and Future Directions", Aug. 1993
[Box 1, Folder 30] "A Longitudinal Study of Engineering Student Performance and Retention: Gender Differences in Student Performances and Attitudes", Feb. 1994
[Box 1, Folder 31] "The Myth of the Superhuman Professor", Apr. 1994
[Box 1, Folder 32] "Women in Engineering: Falling Into the Gender Gap", Jun. 1994
[Box 1, Folder 57] "Cooperative Learning in Technical Courses: Procedures, Pitfalls, and Payoffs", Oct. 1994
[Box 1, Folder 33] "Cooperative Learning in a Sequence of Engineering Courses: A Success Story", 1995
[Box 1, Folder 34] "Learning and Teaching Styles in Foreign and Second Language Education", 1995
[Box 1, Folder 35] "An Integrated First-Year Engineering Curriculum at North Carolina State University", Nov. 1995
[Box 1, Folder 36] "Active-Inductive-Cooperative Learning: An Instructional Model for Chemistry", 1996
[Box 1, Folder 37] "Navigating the Bumpy Road to Student-Centered Instruction", 1996
[Box 1, Folder 38] "Team-Teaching in an Integrated Freshman Engineering Curriculum", 1996
[Box 1, Folder 39] "Who Teaches the Teachers? About 'El Perfil del Professor Universitario,' by Armando Rugarcia", 1996
[Box 1, Folder 40] "A Longitudinal Study of Engineering Student Performance and Retention" Survey Questions, Feb. 1996
[Box 1, Folder 41] "IMPEC: An Integrated First-Year Engineering Curriculum", Jun. 1996
[Box 1, Folder 42] "Matters of Style: Effective Education Teaches to Students' Learning Style Weaknesses as Well as Their Strengths", Dec. 1996
[Box 1, Folder 43] "Preparing the Professoriate: A Study in Mentorship", 1997
[Box 1, Folder 44] "Who Needs These Headaches? Reflections of Teaching First-Year Engineering Students", Fall 1997
[Box 1, Folder 45] "Beating the Numbers Game: Effective Teaching in Large Classes", Jun. 1997
[Box 1, Folder 46] "Update on IMPEC: An Integrated First-Year Engineering Curriculum at N.C. State University", Jun. 1997
[Box 1, Folder 47] "Tips on Quantitative Tests", Nov. 1997
[Box 1, Folder 48] "How to Improve Teaching Quality", 1999
[Box 1, Folder 49] "It's A Start", 1999
[Box 1, Folder 50] "Success Through Innovation", Fall 1999
[Box 1, Folder 51] "L'Apprendimento Cooperativo: Un Metaodo per Migliorare la Preparazione e L'Acquisizione di Abilita Cognitive Negli Studenti", Jan./Feb. 1999
[Box 1, Folder 52] "Faculty Teaching Practices in an Engineering Education Coalition", Jun. 1999
[Box 1, Folder 53] "A Model Program for Promoting Effective Teaching in Colleges of Engineering", Jun. 1999
[Box 1, Folder 54] "The Future of Engineering Education" (Parts 1-6), 2000
[Box 1, Folder 55] "Accounting for Individual Effort in Cooperative Learning Teams", Apr. 2000
[Box 1, Folder 56] "Dynamics of Peer Education in Cooperative Learning Workgroups", Jul. 2000
Research, 1965-1994
[Box 2, Folder 1] "Effects of Mixing on Chain Reactions in Isothermal Photoreactors", Sep. 1965
[Box 2, Folder 2] "Collision Density of Hot Atoms", Nov. 1965
[Box 2, Folder 3] "Analysis of Chemical Reactions Initiated by Intermittent Irradiation", 1966
[Box 2, Folder 4] "Energy Distribution of Energetic Atoms in an Irradiated Medium. II. Single Species Case: Application to Radiation Damage Calculations", Feb. 1966
[Box 2, Folder 5] "Displacement Cascades in Diatomic Solids", 1967
[Box 2, Folder 6] "Energy Distribution of Hot Atoms in a Reactive System", Apr. 1967
[Box 2, Folder 7] "Classical Differential Cross Sections for Scattering From an Inverse Power Potential", Mar. 1968
[Box 2, Folder 8] "Classical Differential Cross Sections for Scattering from a Repulsive Inverse-Power Potential", Aug. 1968
[Box 2, Folder 9] "Mixing Effects in Chemical Reactors - I. Reactant Mixing in Batch and Flow Systems", 1969
[Box 2, Folder 10] "Angular Distribution of Charged Particles Emitted From a Semi-Infinite Slab Source", Jan. 1969
[Box 2, Folder 11] "Code for Calculating Energy and Angular Spectra of Beta Particles Emerging From a Semi-Infinite Slab Source", Jan. 1969
[Box 2, Folder 12] "MOGUS - A Code for Evaluating the Mott Scattering Cross Section and the Goudsmit-Saunderson Angular Multi-Scattering Distribution for Use in Electron Transport Calculations", Jul. 1969
[Box 2, Folder 13] "Evaluation of the Mott Scattering Cross Section and the Goudsmit-Saunderson Multiple Scattering Distribution for Electron Transport Calculations", 1970
[Box 2, Folder 14] "Mixing Effects in Chemical Reactors: Chain Reactions in Batch and Flow Systems", 1970
[Box 2, Folder 15] "Nonisothermal Chemical Kinetics", Dec. 1970
[Box 2, Folder 16] "Optimization of a Radiotracer Distance Measuring Gauge", Jul. 1971
[Box 2, Folder 17] "Applications of Isotopes and Radiation - General", 1972
[Box 2, Folder 18] "Solid Angle Subtended by a Circular Cylinder", 1972
[Box 2, Folder 19] "Processing of Liquid Wastes in the Food Industry, Part II: Membrane Processes: Effects of Surfactants on Flux-Limiting Condcentration Polarization in Ultrafiltration Processing", May 1972
[Box 2, Folder 20] "Flow Modeling and Parameter Estimation Using Radiotracers", 1973
[Box 2, Folder 21] "Tracer Concentration Repsonses and Moments for Measurements of Laminar Flow in Circular Tubes", 1973
[Box 2, Folder 22] "Permeation of Sulfur Dioxide Through Polymeric Stack Sampling Interfaces", Jun. 1973
[Box 2, Folder 23] "Effects of Solute-Membrane Interactions on Flux-Limiting Concentration Polarization in Ultrafiltration Processing", Nov. 1973
[Box 2, Folder 24] "Accuracy of Parameter Estimation by Frequency Response Analysis", 1974
[Box 2, Folder 25] "Effects of Moisture on the Performance of Permeation Sampling Devices", 1974
[Box 2, Folder 26] "Experimental Investigation of Isokinetic and Anisokinetic Sampling of Particulates in Stack Gases", 1974
[Box 2, Folder 27] "A Model of Steady Blood Flow", 1974
[Box 2, Folder 28] "Paramter Estimation by Curve-Fitting Techniques and the Method of Moments", 1974
[Box 2, Folder 29] "A Method for the Dynamic Measurement of Diffusivities of Gases in Polymers", 1975
[Box 2, Folder 30] "Permeation of Sulfur Dioxide Through Polymers", 1975
[Box 2, Folder 31] "Benzion- and Benzion Methyl Ether-Sensitized Photopolymerization of Styrene and Methyl Methacrylate: Quantum Yields and Mixing Effects", Nov. 1975
[Box 2, Folder 32] "Polymeric Interfaces for Continuous SO2 Monitoring in Process and Power Plant Stacks", May 1976
[Box 2, Folder 33] "A Method of Moments for Measuring Diffusivities of Gases in Polymers", Jul. 1976
[Box 2, Folder 34] "Estimation of Gas Transport Coefficitents from Differential Permeation, Integral Permeation, and Sorption Rate Data", 1978
[Box 2, Folder 35] "A Technique for Measurement of Biogenic Sulfur Emission Fluxes", 1978
[Box 2, Folder 36] "Continuous Stack Monitoring Using Polymer Interfaces", Jun. 1978
[Box 2, Folder 37] "Automated Continuous Stack Monitoring of Gaseous Pollutants Using Polymer Interfaces", 1979
[Box 2, Folder 38] "A Coal Gasification - Gas Cleaning Pilot Plant at North Carolina State University", 1979
[Box 2, Folder 39] "Residence Time Distributions of Paper Pulp Slurries in Vertical Laminar Flow", Jan. 1979
[Box 2, Folder 40] "Coal Devolatilization and Elemental Release in Batch and Laminar Flow Furnace Reactors", 1980
[Box 2, Folder 41] "Kinetics and Equilibria of Sulfur Dioxide Sorption in Kapton Polyimide", 1980
[Box 2, Folder 42] "Permeation, Diffusion, and Sorption of Gases and Vapors", 1980
[Box 2, Folder 43] "Radiotracer Measurement of Particle Deposition and Reentrainment in an Electrostatic Precipitator", 1980
[Box 2, Folder 44] "Selective Permeation of Hydrocarbon Gases in Poly(tetraflouroethylene) and Poly(flouroethylene-Propylene) Copolymer", 1980
[Box 2, Folder 45] "Pollutants from Coal Gasification Scrutinized", Jan. 1980
[Box 2, Folder 46] "How Clean Gas is Made From Coal", Jun. 1980
[Box 2, Folder 47] "Coal Gasification in a Pilot Scale Fluidized Bed Reactor. 1. Gasification of a Devolatilized Bituminous Coal", 1981
[Box 2, Folder 48] "Oxygen Permeation Through FEP Teflon and Kapton Polyimide", 1981
[Box 2, Folder 49] "Reduction of the Oxygen Effect in Flame Ionization Detection", 1981
[Box 2, Folder 50] "High Gradient Magnetic Filtration of Fine Particles from a Gas Stream", Mar. 1981
[Box 2, Folder 51] "Permeation of Methyl Chloride and Benzene Through FEP Teflon", 1983
[Box 2, Folder 52] "Simulation - A Tool for Optimizing Batch-Process Production", Apr. 1983
[Box 2, Folder 53] "Simulation/Optimization of a Specialties Plant", Jun. 1983
[Box 2, Folder 54] "Calculation of Voltage and Space Charge Distributions in a Wire-Plate Electrostatic Precipitator", 1984
[Box 2, Folder 55] "Coal Gasification in a Pilot Scale Fluidized Bed Reactor. 2. Gasification of a New Mexico Subbituminous Coal", 1984
[Box 2, Folder 56] "Sorption and Transport of Benzene in Poly(ethylene Terephthalate), 1984
[Box 3, Folder 1] "A Mathematical Model for a Fluidized-Bed Coal Gasifier", Jul. 1984
[Box 3, Folder 2] "Analysis of Volatile Products from the Slow Pyrolysis of Coal", Sep. 1984
[Box 3, Folder 3] "Analysis of Nitrogenous Compounds in the Effluenet Streams From a Fluidized Bed Coal Gasification Reactor", 1985
[Box 3, Folder 4] "Radiotracer Measurement of Local Deposition Profiles, Friction Reentrainment, and Impaction Reentrainment in an Electrostatic Precipitator", Jan. 1985
[Box 3, Folder 5] "Simulation for the Capacity Planning of Specialty Chemicals Production", Jun. 1985
[Box 3, Folder 6] "Coal Gasification in a Pilot-Scale Fluidized Bed Reactor. 3. Gasification of a Texas Lignite", 1987
[Box 3, Folder 7] "Dynamic Modeling of a Pilot-Scale Fluidized-Bed Coal Gasification Reactor", 1987
[Box 3, Folder 8] "Modeling a Pilot-Scale Fluidized Bed Coal Gasificatioin Reactor", 1988
[Box 3, Folder 9] "Evolution of Hydrogen Sulfide in a Fluidized Bed Coal Gasification Reactor", 1989
[Box 3, Folder 10] "Modeling the Cucumber Fermentation: Growth of Lactobacillus plantarum", 1993
[Box 3, Folder 11] "Kinetics and Modeling of Lactic Acid Production by Lactobacillus Plantarum", Jul. 1994
[Box 3, Folder 12] "Analysis of Volatile Products from the Slow Pyrolysis of Coal", undated
Instructional Materials, 1986-1997
[Box 3, Folder 13] Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes: Chapter One: What Chemical Engineers Sometimes Do for a Living, 1986
[Box 3, Folder 14] "Statistical Analysis of Engineering Processes", Oct. 1988
[Box 3, Folder 15] "Word Processing Using Latex", Dec. 1988
[Box 3, Folder 16] "Notes on Process Variable Measurement", Jan. 1991
[Box 3, Folder 17] "Fortran Programming on the NCSU-EOS Workstations", 1994
[Box 3, Folder 18] "Process Optimization", Feb. 1995
[Box 3, Folder 19] "Solving Differential Equations with MATLAB", Feb. 1997
[Box 3, Folder 20] "Steady-State Flowsheet Simulation with Aspen Plus and ModelManager: Introduction and Tutorial", Mar. 1997
[Box 3, Folder 21] "Introduction to Process and Production Optimization I. Setting Up a Process Optimization", undated
[Box 3, Folder 22] "Introduction to Process and Production Optimization II. Optimization Techniques", undated
[Box 3, Folder 23] "Membrane Separation Processes", undated
[Box 4, Folder 1] "Mixing Effects in Chemical Reactors" (Parts 1-5), undated
[Box 4, Folder 2] "Notes on Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Engineering: Ideal Reactor Networks", undated
[Box 4, Folder 3] "Notes on Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Engineering: Steady-State Kinetics", undated
[Box 4, Folder 4] "Notes on Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Engineering: Systems Involving Multiple Reactions", undated
[Box 4, Folder 5] "Notes on Laplace Transforms", undated
[Box 4, Folder 6] "Optimization of Experimental System", undated
Other Materials, 1979-1999
[Box 4, Folder 7] "NC State,", Winter 1979
[Box 4, Folder 8] Review of "Catalytic Reactor Design," by M. Orhan Tarhan, Jan. 1984
[Box 4, Folder 9] Review of "How to Solve Problems," by Donald Scarl; "Strategies for Creative Problem Solving," by H. Scott Fogler and Steven E. LeBlanc; and "Problem-Based Learning: How to Gain the Most From PBL," by Donald R. Woods, Summer 1995
[Box 4, Folder 10] Review, "Comment on 'Effect of In-Class Student-Student Interaction on the Learning of Physics in a College Physics Course,' by M. Samiullah", 1996
[Box 4, Folder 11] "Carol Hall of North Carolina State University", 1999
This series contains the text copies of presentations Felder gave, miscellaneous files related to his teaching activities in the chemical engineering department, the patent Felder recieved for an invention, a VHS copy of one of his presentations, and three plaques recognizing accomplishments Felder achieved.
Materials are arrange alphabetically and then chronologically therein.
[Half Box 5] "Active Learning" lecture by Dr. Richard Felder (VHS cassette), undated
[Box 6] Award: AIChE Outstanding Chemical Engineer Award, Richard M. Felder, Eastern North Carolina Section (plaque), 20 Mar. 1986
[Box 6] Award: Frontiers in Education Conference Paper Award, Presented to Richard M. Felder, Frontiers in Education Conference Education Society, IEEE ERM Division, ASEE (plaque), 1988
[Box 6] Award: The College of Engineering of Wichita State University Acknowledges with Sincerest Appreciation the Contributions of Dr. Richard M. Felder to the Faculty, Students, and Practitioners as the 1999 Sam Bloomfield Distinguished Engineer-in-Residence (plaque), 4 Nov. 1999
[Box 4, Folder 12] Course Handouts, undated
[Box 4, Folder 13] Patent, 28 Aug. 1979
[Box 4, Folder 14] Presentation: "Carbon Conversion, Make Gas Production, and Formation of Sulfur Gas Species in a Pilot-Scale Fluidized Bed Gasifier" (St. Louis, Missouri), Sep. 1980
[Box 4, Folder 15] Presentaion: "Coal Gasification and Gas Cleaning in an Integrated Pilot Plant" (New Orleans, Louisiana), Dec. 1980
[Box 4, Folder 16] Presentation: "Removal of Acid Gases and Other Contaminates From Coal Gas Using Refrigerated Methanol" (Denver, Colorado), Oct. 1981
[Box 4, Folder 17] Presentation: "Does Engineering Education Have Anything to do With Either One?" (Raleigh, North Carolina), 12 Oct. 1982
[Box 4, Folder 18] Presentation: "Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Condensed Phases Associated with Coal Gasification" (Columbus, Ohio), 26-28 Oct. 1982
[Box 4, Folder 19] Presentation: "Simulation and Optimization of a Specialty Chemicals Production Plant" (Los Angeles, California), 19 Nov. 1982
[Box 4, Folder 20] Presentation: "Calculo de la Distribucion de Carga y Voltaje en un Precipitador Electrostatico" (Cuernavaca, Mexico), 23-25 Dec. 1983
[Box 4, Folder 21] Presentation: "Effective Teaching: A Workshop" (Raleigh, North Carolina), 12-14 Aug. 1997
[Box 4, Folder 22] Presentation: "National Effective Teaching Institute" (Seattle, Washington), 25-27 Jun. 1998
[Half Box 5, Folder 1] Review of "Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes", Jun. 2000
[Half Box 5, Folder 2] "Richard M. Felder," biography by R. W. Rousseau, 1981
[Half Box 5, Folder 3] Sample Reference Letters, 1997-2000


Felder, Richard M., 1939-


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Received in 2001 (accession number 2001-0006)


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Scope and Content Note

The Richard M. Felder Papers contain reprints and copies of many of Felder's published articles on teaching and eduacation as well as his articles on chemical engineering. Also included in this collection are text copies of several presentations Felder gave, a VHS copy of one presentation, miscellaneous paper files, and three plaques recognizing awards Felder recieved during his career.

Historical Note

Richard M. Felder recieved a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the City College of New York in 1962 and went on to earn a Ph.D. in Chemincal Engineering from Princeton University in 1966. Felder worked for the Atomic Energy Research Establishment in Harwell, England and the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York before becoming a member of the Department of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University in 1969.

Felder is most well-known in the field of chemical engineering for co-authoring the textbook Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes (first published in 1986), which is used as the introductory textbook in chemical engineering courses in most universities in the United States and several around the world. In addition, Felder has authored and co-authored over 200 papers on teaching and education-related topics, as well as numerous papers on chemical engineering. Felder has presented his work at many conferences during the course of his career, and is the recipient of several national awards recognizing his contributions to education. Felder is currently (2008) Hoechst Celanese Professor Emeritus in the Department of Chemical Engineering at NC State.

This material on Dr. Felder (as well as further information, including lists of his publications and awards) may be found at: http://www4.ncsu.edu/unity/lockers/users/f/felder/public/RMF.html external link

Separated Material

Two copies of the textbook Felder co-authored ( Principios Elementales De Los Procesos Quimicos, Segunda Edicion and Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, Third Edition) have been removed from this collection and are now located with the Faculty Publications.

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