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MC 00288 Guide to the United States Weather Bureau, Raleigh Office Records, 1887-1972

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The series Meteorological Trends includes "Voluntary Observer's Meteorological Record, 1887-1947", which graphically and numerically presents temperature highs and lows for Raleigh, and "Substation Temperature Normals Computed to Include Year 1938".
[Volume 1] Voluntary Observer's Meteorological Record, 1887-1947
[Volume 2] Substation Temperature Normals Computed to Include Year, 1938
The series Monthly Meteorological Reports, which began in 1887, includes surface weather observation data for each month. Beginning in 1905, these volumes include daily local records and, for many years, an annual summary.
[Volume 1] September 1887-June 1889
[Volume 2] July 1889-June 1892
[Volume 3] Practice observations, July 1892-December 1892, November 1903-January 1904
[Volume 4] January 1893-December 1893
[Volume 5] January 1894-December 1894
[Volume 6] January 1895-December 1895
[Volume 7] January 1896-December 1896
[Volume 8] January 1897-December 1897
[Volume 9] January 1898-December 1898
[Volume 10] January 1899-December 1899
[Volume 11] January 1900-December 1900
[Volume 12] January 1901-December 1901
[Volume 13] January 1902-December 1902
[Volume 14] January 1903-December 1903
[Volume 15] January 1904-December 1904
[Volume 16] January 1905-December 1905
[Volume 17] January 1906-December 1906
[Volume 18] January 1907-December 1907
[Volume 19] January 1908-December 1908
[Volume 20] January 1909-December 1909
[Volume 21] January 1910-December 1910
[Volume 22] January 1911-December 1911
[Volume 23] January 1912-December 1912
[Volume 24] January 1913-December 1913
[Volume 25] January 1914-December 1914
[Volume 26] January 1915-December 1915
[Volume 27] January 1916-December 1916
[Volume 28] January 1917-December 1917
[Volume 29] January 1918-December 1918
[Volume 30] January 1919-December 1919
[Volume 31] January 1920-December 1920
[Volume 32] January 1921-December 1921
[Volume 33] January 1922-December 1922
[Volume 34] January 1923-December 1923
[Volume 35] January 1924-December 1924
[Volume 36] January 1925-December 1925
[Volume 37] January 1926-December 1926
[Volume 38] January 1927-December 1927
[Volume 39] January 1928-December 1928
[Volume 40] January 1929-December 1929
[Volume 41] January 1930-December 1930
[Volume 42] January 1931-December 1931
[Volume 43] January 1932-December 1932
[Volume 44] January 1933-December 1933
[Volume 45] January 1934-December 1934
[Volume 46] January 1935-December 1935
[Volume 47] January 1936-December 1936
[Volume 48] January 1937-December 1937
[Volume 49] January 1938-December 1938
[Volume 50] (with "noon observations" for 1939 and 1940 laid in), January 1939-December 1939
[Volume 51] January 1940-December 1940
[Volume 52] January 1941-December 1941
[Volume 53] January 1942-December 1942
[Volume 54] January 1943-December 1943
[Volume 55] January 1944-December 1944
[Volume 56] January 1945-December 1945
[Volume 57] January 1946-December 1946
[Volume 58] (annual summary laid in), January 1947-December 1947
[Volume 59] (instructions and annual summary laid in), January 1948-December 1948
[Volume 60] (Weather Bureau Airport Station), January 1949-December 1949
[Volume 61] (Weather Bureau Office), January 1949-December 1949
[Volume 62] (WBAS), January 1950-December 1950
[Volume 63] (WBAS), January 1951-December 1951
[Volume 64] (WBO), January 1951-December 1951
[Volume 65] (filed in reverse order), December 1952-January 1952
[Volume 66] (WBO), January 1953-May 1954
[Volume 67] (WBAS), January 1953-December 1953
[Volume 68] (with "Pilot Reports" for ), December 1954-January 1954 1949-1950
[Volume 69] December 1955-January 1955
[Volume 70] December 1956-January 1956
[Volume 71] December 1957-January 1957
[Volume 72] December 1958-January 1958
[Volume 73] December 1959-January 1959
[Volume 74] December 1960-January 1960
[Volume 75] December 1961-January 1961
[Volume 76] January 1962-December 1962
[Volume 77] January 1963-December 1963
[Volume 78] January 1964-December 1964
[Volume 79] January 1965-December 1965
[Volume 80] January 1966-December 1966
[Volume 81] January 1967-December 1967
[Volume 82] January 1968-December 1968
[Volume 83] January 1969-December 1969
[Volume 84] January 1970-December 1970
[Volume 85] January 1971-December 1971
[Volume 86] January 1972-December 1972


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88 volumes


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Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of surface weather observations recorded by the Weather Bureau in Raleigh from 1887-1972. Barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind, clouds, precipitation, dew point, frosts, and general weather observations were compiled monthly. For some years, daily records and annual summaries are included. Occasionally, newspaper clippings have been pasted into the volumes.

The collection is divided into two series. Meteorological Trends, 1887-1947 ns2:shows high, low, and normal temperatures over time. Data was graphically and numerically recorded on government forms that were adapted locally to ns2:show trends in temperature. Monthly Meteorological Reports, 1887-1972 gives surface weather observation data for Raleigh, with some years including daily records and annual summaries. Data was recorded on forms received from the United States government.

Historical Note

The United States Weather Bureau was created in 1870 as part of the Signal Service of the War Department. It was transferred to the Department of Agriculture in 1892 and then to the Department of Commerce in 1949. Today it is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The North Carolina State Weather Service was established in 1886 as part of the North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, which was opened on January 1, 1887.

W. O. Bailey was assigned by the Signal Service as station meteorologist and was followed by H. McP. Baldwin and then by C. F. von Herrmann. In 1896, the Experiment Station discontinued its weather service activities. From 1896-1908, observations were recorded at the Fisher Building at the corner of Fayetteville Street and Exchange Place and then at the Masonic Temple at the corner of Fayetteville and Hargett until 1940, when the location was moved to the municipal airport. For some years, there are additional observations taken at the Weather Bureau Office, 1911 Building, State College, Raleigh.

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