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MC 00183 Guide to the Theodore B. Mitchell Papers, 1918 - 2008

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By Individual
[Half Box 1, Folder 1] Alex, A.H.
[Half Box 1, Folder 2] Baker, James R.
[Half Box 1, Folder 3] Biol, Mario Sousa S.
[Half Box 1, Folder 4] Bohart, Richard M. and G.E. [Folder 1 of 2]
[Half Box 1, Folder 5] Bohart, Richard M. and G.E. [Folder 2 of 2]
[Half Box 1, Folder 6] Bradley, J. Chester
[Half Box 1, Folder 7] Covell, Charles V., Jr.
[Half Box 1, Folder 8] Evans, Howard E.
[Box 2, Folder 1] Krombein, Dr. Karl V. [Folder 1 of 3]
[Box 2, Folder 2] Krombein, Dr. Karl V. [Folder 2 of 3]
[Box 2, Folder 3] Krombein, Dr. Karl V. [Folder 3 of 3]
[Box 2, Folder 4] La Berge, Wallace E. [Folder 1 of 2]
[Box 2, Folder 5] La Berge, Wallace E. [Folder 2 of 2]
[Box 2, Folder 6] Lanham, U.N.
[Box 2, Folder 7] McClay, A.T.
[Box 2, Folder 8] Medler, J.T.
[Box 2, Folder 9] Michner, Charles D. [Folder 1 of 3]
[Box 2, Folder 10] Michner, Charles D. [Folder 2 of 3]
[Box 2, Folder 11] Michner, Charles D. [Folder 3 of 3]
[Box 2, Folder 12] Milliron, Herbert
[Box 3, Folder 1] Moldenke, Andrew R.
[Box 3, Folder 2] Montgomery, B. Elwood
[Box 3, Folder 3] Morse, Roger A.
[Box 3, Folder 4] Moure, P.J.
[Box 3, Folder 5] Muesebeck, C.F.W.
[Box 3, Folder 6] Osychniuk, A.Z.
[Box 3, Folder 7] Parker, Frank
[Box 3, Folder 8] Pasteels, J.J.
[Box 3, Folder 9] Ponomareva, Anna A.
[Box 3, Folder 10] Ribble, D.W.
[Box 3, Folder 11] Ribble, D.W.
[Box 3, Folder 12] Roberts, Radclyffe B.
[Box 3, Folder 13] Rodeck, Hugo G.
[Box 3, Folder 14] Rozen, Jerome G.
[Box 3, Folder 15] Scullen, H.A.
[Box 3, Folder 16] Snelling, Roy
[Box 3, Folder 17] Stephen, William P. [Folder 1 of 2]
[Box 3, Folder 18] Stephen, William P. [Folder 2 of 2]
[Box 4, Folder 1] Timberlake, P.H. [Folder 1 of 3]
[Box 4, Folder 2] Timberlake, P.H. [Folder 2 of 3]
[Box 4, Folder 3] Timberlake, P.H. [Folder 3 of 3]
[Box 4, Folder 4] Toro, Harold
[Box 4, Folder 5] Townes, Henry
[Box 4, Folder 6] Weems, Howard V., Jr. [Folder 1 of 3]
[Box 4, Folder 7] Weems, Howard V., Jr. [Folder 2 of 3]
[Box 4, Folder 8] Weems, Howard V., Jr. [Folder 3 of 3]
Multiple-Entry Files
[Box 4, Folder 9] Atyeo; Bennett; Dietrich; Eickwort
[Box 4, Folder 10] Boucek; Macek; Pulawski
[Box 4, Folder 11] Butler; Werner
[Box 4, Folder 12] Chandler; Comeau; Cooper
[Box 4, Folder 13] Hedicke; Hill; Hiroshima; Hubbell
[Box 4, Folder 14] Lieftinck; Ordway; Schlinger
By Subject Letter Heading
[Box 5, Folder 1] G
[Box 5, Folder 2] H
[Box 5, Folder 3] I - J
[Box 5, Folder 4] K [Folder 1 of 2]
[Box 5, Folder 5] K [Folder 2 of 2]
[Box 5, Folder 6] L
[Box 5, Folder 7] M [Folder 1 of 2]
[Box 5, Folder 8] M [Folder 2 of 2]
[Box 5, Folder 9] N
[Box 5, Folder 10] P - Q [Folder 1 of 2]
[Box 5, Folder 11] P - Q [Folder 2 of 2]
[Box 5, Folder 12] R
[Box 6, Folder 1] S [Folder 1 of 2]
[Box 6, Folder 2] S [Folder 2 of 2]
[Box 6, Folder 3] T
[Box 6, Folder 4] U - V
[Box 6, Folder 5] W
[Box 6, Folder 6] X - Z
By Topic
[Box 6, Folder 7] British Museum of Natural History
[Box 6, Folder 8] California Academy of Sciences
[Box 6, Folder 9] Editorial Notes
[Box 6, Folder 10] Illinois Natural History Survey
[Box 6, Folder 11] Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
[Box 6, Folder 12] Rockefeller Foundation, Imp. College of Tropical Ag.
[Box 6, Folder 13] Types of Collections
[Box 6, Folder 14] Misc. Professional Correspondence
[Half Box 7, Folder 1] Perez Simmons
[Half Box 7, Folder 2] Political
[Half Box 7, Folder 3] Undated
[Half Box 7, Folder 4] Dated
Contained here are glass plate lantern slides of insects (including but not exclusively bees), index cards (possibly to slides), and mounted dragonflies. These item had been discovered in the offices or labs of the Department of Entomology, and they were transferred to Special Collections in July 2007. These materials have not been archivally processed.
[Box 8] Slides (Accession no. 2007-0231)
Diaries and notes from research trips and personal travel.
[Half Box 7, Folder 5] Travel Diaries and Field Notes, 1920-1963 (Accession no. 2008-0068)
Addition donated by Janet Mitchell, daughter-in-law of Theodore B. Mitchell: 1 small box of photographic slides and 1 notebook of memoirs, correspondence, newsclippings, interview transcript, and other documents.
[Box 9] Notebook and Slides, 1941-2008 (Accession no. 2008-0272)
[Box 9] Entomology Club Newsletter (dedicated to Dr. Mitchell), 1963 (Accession 2012.0014)


Mitchell, Theodore B.


4.25 Linear feet

General Physical Description note

8 archival storage boxes and 1 card box


For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Special Collections Research Center Reference Staff external link.



Acquisitions Information

Transfer from Department of Entomology, School of Agriculture and Life Sciences, North Carolina State University, April 22, 1986, and July 2007. The last departmental transfer was Accession Number 2007-0231. In addition accessions made through the following donations: gift of Sam Droege, 2008 (Accession 2008-0068), and gift of Janet Mitchell, 2008 (Accession 2008-0272).


Processed by: Special Collections Staff; machine-readable finding aid created by: Valerie Gillispie

Scope and Content Note

The Theodore B. Mitchell Papers consists of correspondence, research notes, glass plate lantern slides, and newspaper clippings pertaining to Theodore B. Mitchell's career and his research on "systematic entomology," and in particular his study of bees (which culminated in the publication of the two-volume "Bees of the Eastern United States"). The Professional Correspondence series contains letters to colleagues in the field of entomology and includes, among others, letters to and from the British Museum of Natural History, the California Academy of Sciences, the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the College of Tropical Agriculture. The Personal Correspondence series contains letters to friends and family members, as well as letters that document his involvement with various civic organizations.

Biographical Note

Theodore B. Mitchell was born on October 26, 1890, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He attended Massachusetts Agricultural College (now University of Massachusetts, Amherst), from which he graduated with a B.S. degree in 1920. He also served in the U.S. Army as a Band Sargeant, spending one year in France during World War I. Mitchell was employed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture in 1920 as an Assistant Entomologist. In that capacity he conducted extensive field surveys, and the focus on "systematic entomology" that was to dominate his future research came into being. Furthering his education, Mitchell obtained the M.S. degree from North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering (later North Carolina State University) in 1924, and completed his education with an S.D. degree from Harvard University in 1928.

Joining the NCSC faculty in 1925, Dr. Mitchell was promoted to associate professor in 1930, and achieved the rank of full professor in 1938, a position that he held until his retirement in 1961. Mitchell continued his research for many years after his retirement, and was a noted figure in the field of entomology. The special attention given to bees throughout his career culminated in the publication of "Bees of the Eastern United States", a two-volume manual of the entire bee fauna.

Dr. Mitchell was a memer of many honorary and professional fraternities and organizations, most notably Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, Gamma Sigma Delta, the Entomological Society of America, and the North Carolina Academy of Science.

Dr. Mitchell was married to Miss Olivia Gowan of Raleigh in 1924, and they had one son, Richard. T.B. Mitchell died on February 10, 1983.

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