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MC 00158 Guide to the James Wyche Green Papers, 1930 - 1954

This collection is organized into five series: Personal, Correspondence, Research, Writings, and Teaching Career. The Personal series is comprised of materials that had no relation to Green's professional life, and were filed separately. The correspondence was filed in alphabetical order by surname, and this order is preserved. The subjects in the Research series reflect the subject headings Green used in filing his papers, and have been alphabetized for easier access. The brief collection of Green's writings have been filed alphabetically. The original organization of materials in the Teaching Career series, with its divisions into classes, administrative activities, and professional organizations, is retained in this collection. Out of a large number of completed tests and quizzes in the Classes subseries, selected representative tests and quizzes were retained.
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The Personal Series contains documents related to Green's life outside of North Carolina State College. These documents are arranged by subject. Included are materials related to Green's doctoral degree from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and tests and notes from two of the classes Green took at UNC. The two classes are an unidentified sociology class about population, and Soc. 210, "Folk Sociology." Also included is documentation of Green's occupational transfer within the United States Department of Agriculture, and materials from the Veteran's Administration.
[Box 1, Folder 1] Education: Doctoral Degree materials, 1951 - 1953
[Box 1, Folder 2] Education: Population Class, 1948
[Box 1, Folder 3] Education: Soc. 210: Notes, 1949
[Box 1, Folder 4] Education: Soc. 210: Odum's Work Memorandumundated, 1947,
[Box 1, Folder 5] Education: Soc. 210: Supplementary Articles, 1942 - 1948
[Box 1, Folder 6] USDA Transfer, 1953
[Box 1, Folder 7] Veterans Administration, 1951 - 1953
The Correspondence series contains correspondence sent to and written by Green during his teaching career at North Carolina State. Much of the correspondence regards ongoing research projects, topics in rural sociology, and the books Green considered using in his rural sociology classes. The correspondence was originally arranged in alphabetical order and this arrangement is preserved. In two circumstances, the volume of correspondence with one particular person was great enough to necessitate a separate folder.
[Box 1, Folder 8] A
[Box 1, Folder 9] B
[Box 1, Folder 10] C
[Box 1, Folder 11] D
[Box 1, Folder 12] E-F
[Box 1, Folder 13] Flagg, Grace
[Box 1, Folder 14] G
[Box 1, Folder 15] Ha - Hi
[Box 1, Folder 16] Ho - Hu
[Box 1, Folder 17] I - K
[Box 1, Folder 18] L
[Box 1, Folder 19] Longmore, T. Wilson
[Box 1, Folder 20] M
[Box 1, Folder 21] N - O
[Box 2, Folder 1] P - R
[Box 2, Folder 2] S - T
[Box 2, Folder 3] U
[Box 2, Folder 4] V - Y
The Research series contains notes, reports and articles, and conference materials relating to Green's interests in rural sociology. Green's interest in housing included rural housing, farm houses, and the financing of these homes. He was also interested in population patterns, including birth rate and migration.
[Box 2, Folder 5] Agricultural Economics, 1944 - 1954
[Box 2, Folder 6] Air Force Base Projectundated, 1951 - 1953,
[Box 2, Folder 7] Extension Services, 1949 - 1953
[Box 2, Folder 8] Housing: Farm House Study: Instructions and Data, 1950 - 1951
[Box 2, Folder 9] Housing: Farm House Study: Photographs, undated
[Box 2, Folder 10] Housing: Committee on Housing Research: Correspondence and Green's drafts, 1951 - 1954
[Box 2, Folder 11] Housing: Committee on Housing Research: Conference Proceedings, First Session, 1951
[Box 2, Folder 12] Housing: Committee on Housing Research: Conference Proceedings, Second Session, 1951
[Box 2, Folder 13] Housing: Committee on Housing Research: Conference Reports and Excerpts, 1951
[Box 3, Folder 1] Housing: Committee on Housing Research: Conference Program, Notes, and Project Descriptions, 1950 - 1951
[Box 3, Folder 2] Housing: Rural Housing Conference Proceedings, 1946
[Box 3, Folder 3] Housing: Financing Rural Housing report, 1948
[Box 3, Folder 4] Population: Birth Rate, 1937 - 1953
[Box 3, Folder 5] Population: Migration, 1930 - 1953
[Box 3, Folder 6] Population: Past Increase, 1942 - 1953
Only a few of Green's writings are found in the Writings series. Two reports are about sociological topics; another is about William Fielding Ogburn, a prominent sociologist. A small collection of critiques about rural sociology textbooks is also included.
[Box 3, Folder 7] Reports: "A Framework for Research in the Actions of Community Groups,", 1952
[Box 3, Folder 8] Reports: "Rural Urban Religious Differences,", 1948
[Box 3, Folder 9] Reports: "William Fielding Ogburn" and supplementary materialsand undated, 1951
[Box 3, Folder 10] Textbook Critiques, 1952
The Teaching Career series contains documents relating to the classes Green taught, two people whom he advised, his administrative activities, and his involvement in professional organizations. The rural sociology classes that Green taught included RS201, "Rural Social Problems"; RS411, "Rural Population Problems"; RS413 and RS513, both "Community Organizations"; and RS653, "Theory and Development of Rural Sociology." In his materials relating to RS201, Green kept student autobiographies, which illuminate the personal lives of North Carolina State College students in 1949.
The Manuscript Reviews subseries includes Green's manuscript reviews of two reports done by rural sociologists. The Administrative Activities subseries contains information about the curriculum of the Department of Rural Sociology. Green's membership in groups like the Rural Sociological Society and the Southern Sociological Society is detailed in the Professional Organizations subseries.
[Box 3, Folder 11] Classes: RS201: Course Outlinesundated, 1937 - 1952,
[Box 3, Folder 12] Classes: RS201: Lesson Plans and Assignmentsundated, 1950 - 1954,
[Box 3, Folder 13] Classes: RS201: Lesson Plans, undated
[Box 3, Folder 14] Classes: RS201: Notes, undated
[Box 3, Folder 15] Classes: RS201: Student Autobiographies, B - J, 1949
[Box 3, Folder 16] Classes: RS201: Student Autobiographies, M - S, 1949
[Box 4, Folder 1] Classes: RS201: Tests, 1949 - 1952
[Box 4, Folder 2] Classes: RS201: Tests, 1953
[Box 4, Folder 3] Classes: RS201: Testsundated, 1954,
[Box 4] Classes: RS201: Quizzes: Problem No. 1, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 5] Classes: RS201: Quizzes: Problem No. 2, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 6] Classes: RS201: Quizzes: Smith Ch. 3, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 7] Classes: RS201: Quizzes: Smith Ch. 7, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 8] Classes: RS201: Quizzes: Smith Ch. 8, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 9] Classes: RS201: Quizzes: Smith Ch. 9, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 10] Classes: RS201: Quizzes: Smith Ch. 19, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 11] Classes: RS201: Quizzes: Smith Ch. 21 - 22, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 12] Classes: RS201: Quizzes: Smith Ch. 24, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 13] Classes: RS201: Quizzes: Smith, pages 363 - 369, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 14] Classes: RS201: Quizzes: Smith, pages 423 - 436, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 15] Classes: RS411: Outline and Bibliographiesundated, 1949 - 1953,
[Box 4, Folder 16] Classes: RS411: Lesson Plans, undated
[Box 4, Folder 17] Classes: RS411: Supplementary Materialsundated, 1949 - 1950,
[Box 4, Folder 18] Classes: RS411: Testsundated, 1947 - 1949,
[Box 4, Folder 19] Classes: RS 413: Book Reports and Term Papers, 1951
[Box 4, Folder 20] Classes: RS513: Outline and Lesson Plans, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 21] Classes: RS513: Book Reports: A - E, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 22] Classes: RS513: Book Reports: H - M, 1954
[Box 4, Folder 23] Classes: RS513: Book Reports: R - S, 1954
[Box 5, Folder 1] Classes: RS513: Papers: A - B, 1954
[Box 5, Folder 2] Classes: RS513: Papers: C - K, 1954
[Box 5, Folder 3] Classes: RS513: Papers: M - S, no name, 1954
[Box 5, Folder 4] Classes: RS513: Exams, 1954
[Box 5, Folder 5] RS 653, Lesson Plans, 1954
[Box 5, Folder 6] Manuscript Reviews: Charles Freeman, 1952 - 1953
[Box 5, Folder 7] Manuscript Reviews: Josephine Kremer, 1952 - 1953
[Box 5, Folder 8] Administrative Activities: Curriculum Committee, 1953
[Box 5, Folder 9] Administrative Activities: Department of Rural Sociologyundated, 1952,
[Box 5, Folder 10] Administrative Activities: Agricultural Experiment Station, 1953 - 1954
[Box 5, Folder 11] Administrative Activities: North Carolina State College, 1952 - 1954
[Box 5, Folder 12] Professional Organizations: Alpha Kappa Delta, 1948 - 1954
[Box 5, Folder 13] Professional Organizations: American Association of University Professors, 1950 - 1954
[Box 5, Folder 14] Professional Organizations: American Sociological Societyundated, 1949 - 1954,
[Box 5, Folder 15] Professional Organizations: Rural Sociological Society, 1949 - 1953
[Box 5, Folder 16] Southern Sociological Society, 1949 - 1954


Green, James Wyche, 1915-


2.5 Linear feet 5 archival storage boxes


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Acquisitions Information

Gift of S. C. Mayo and M. M. Sawhney, 1982.


Processed by: Valerie Gillispie; machine-readable finding aid created by: Valerie Gillispie

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains materials relating mainly to the early professional life of James Wyche Green. It includes correspondence, writings, research, and teaching materials from Green's five years at North Carolina State College (now University). The Personal series includes materials from Green's graduate career at UNC, his veteran status, and his transfer within the United States Department of Agriculture in 1953. The Correspondence series features letters to and from Green regarding his research in rural sociology and his selection of rural sociology texts for his classes. The Research series includes notes, reports, and conference proceedings about rural housing and population, among other topics. The Writings series includes several reports about topics in rural sociology, as well as some of Green's critiques of rural sociology textbooks. The Teaching Career series features outlines, lesson plans, and student book reports and papers from the classes which Green taught. It also includes materials relating to Green's administrative activities and membership in professional organizations.

Biographical Note

James Wyche Green, born in 1915, taught classes in the Department of Rural Sociology at North Carolina State College from 1949 to 1954. A veteran of World War II, Green attended the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill to pursue his doctoral degree in sociology. He taught courses in rural sociology at North Carolina State while attending UNC, and received his degree in June 1953. His dissertation was entitled "The Farmhouse Building Process in North Carolina."

Green also apparently conducted some research for the federal government, and in 1953 received a transfer to the Agricultural Marketing Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. In 1954, Green was sent to Pakistan as part of a federal appointment by the FOA of the State Department, where Green served as an advisor on agricultural development. He later served in similar capacities in other Asian, Afirican, and Latin American countries. Green became a psychotherapist with interests in meditation in the 1970s, and published the book Integrative Meditation in 1994.

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