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MC 00051 Guide to the Stuart McGuire Noblin Papers, 1857-1977

This collection is organized into two series. The first series, Professional, is further divided into nine subseries: Writings, Letters Received, Book Reviews, Applications, Research Files, Colleagues' Papers, Photographs, Newsletters, and Mementos. The second series, North Carolina Chess Assoication, is divided into two subseries: Correspondence and Administrative Information.
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This series contains items related to Noblin's work in the Departments of History and Political Science at NC State. Materials are arranged chronologically within each subseries.
[Box 1, Folder 1] M.A. Thesis, 1935
[Box 1, Folder 2] "North Carolina Grange" typescript, 1954
[Box 1, Folder 3] "The Grange of North Carolina: A Story of Agricultural Progress, 1929 - 1954", 1954
[Box 1, Folder 4] "Gleanings From a College Archive", 1960
[Box 1, Folder 5] "Codification of Grange Policy", 1961
[Box 1, Folder 6] "A Voice of Agriculture: Recent Policies of the National Grange", 1962
[Box 1, Folder 7] Encyclopedia Articles, 1968
[Box 1, Folder 8] "The United Church of Raleigh: A Case Study", 1969
[Box 1, Folder 9] "The American Experiment", 1976
[Box 1, Folder 10] Sketch from "Representative Men of the South," by Leonidas L. Polk, undated
Correspondence Received
[Box 1, Folder 11] 1952 - 1962
[Box 1, Folder 12] 1962 - 1965
[Box 1, Folder 13] 1966 - 1969
[Box 1, Folder 14] 1970
[Box 1, Folder 15] 1971 - 1973
[Box 1, Folder 16] 1974 - 1975
[Box 1, Folder 17] 1976
Book Reviews
[Box 1, Folder 18] North Carolina Historical Review: "Leonidas Polk", Apr. 1943
[Box 1, Folder 19] North Carolina Historical Review: "Leonidas Polk", Jul. 1943
[Box 1, Folder 20] Fulbright Application, 1951
[Box 1, Folder 21] Guggenheim Fellowship, undated
Research Files
[Box 2, Folder 1] Address and Newspaper Article on Leonidas Polk by Clarence Poe, 1937
[Box 2, Folder 2] "Topical Studies and References on the Farmer's Movement in the United States, 1650 - 1946", 1946
[Box 2, Folder 3] Agricultural Course Descriptions (by state), 1948
[Box 2, Folder 4] "John Simpson: The Southwest's Militant Farm Leader," by Gilbert C. Fite, 1949
[Box 2, Folder 5] Miscellaneous Grange Research Material, 1954
[Box 2, Folder 6] National Grange Pamphlets, 1955 - 1964
[Box 2, Folder 7] American Historical Association 82nd Annual Meeting: Program, 1967
[Box 2, Folder 8] American Historical Association 82nd Annual Meeting: "A Grange Rennaissance: Comments on the Papers of Professor Thomas Nordin", 1967
[Box 2, Folder 9] "Preliminary List of References for the History of the Granger Movement," University of California, Davis, 1967
[Box 2, Folder 10] "North Carolina State Grange: Patrons of Husbandry," Journal of Proceedings, 1974
[Box 2, Folder 11] "The National Grange: Legislative Policies", 1975
History Course Files and Student Research
[Box 2, Folder 12] Course Materials, 1947 - 1973
[Box 2, Folder 13] History 121, 122: Political and Diplomatic Aspects of American History, 1950
[Box 2, Folder 14] History 205: The Modern Western World, 1954
[Box 2, Folder 15] Summary of Regular Teaching Responsibilities, 1955
[Box 2, Folder 16] History 312: Economic and Social History of the South, 1955
[Box 2, Folder 17] History 244-009: The U.S. Since 1914, Spring 1974
[Box 2, Folder 18] History 244-011: The U.S. Since 1914, Spring 1974
[Box 2, Folder 19] History 548E: American Response to Industrialism, Spring 1974
[Box 3, Folder 1] History 244: The U.S. Since 1914, Fall 1974
[Box 3, Folder 2] History 244-006: The U.S. Since 1914, Fall 1974
[Box 3, Folder 3] History 491-001: Seminar in History, Fall 1974
[Box 3, Folder 4] History 244-003: The U.S. Since 1914, Spring 1975
[Box 3, Folder 5] History 464: North Carolina Since 1860, Spring 1975
[Box 3, Folder 6] American Response to Industrialism, Spring 1975
[Box 3, Folder 7] History 244-005: The U.S. Since 1914, Fall 1975
[Box 3, Folder 8] History 244-008: The U.S. Since 1914, Fall 1975
[Box 3, Folder 9] Populism and Progress, Fall 1975
[Box 3, Folder 10] History 244-003: The U.S. Since 1914, Spring 1976
[Box 3, Folder 11] History 244-004: The U.S. Since 1914, Spring 1976
[Box 3, Folder 12] Social Studies 392, 393: Contemporary Social Problems, undated
[Box 3, Folder 13] Student Research Paper: Via, James, 1962
[Box 3, Folder 14] Student Research Paper: Boney, William Jr., 1972
[Box 3, Folder 15] Student Research Paper: Franks, Mona, 1972
[Box 3, Folder 16] Student Research Paper: Melton, Carroll, 1972
[Box 3, Folder 17] Student Research Paper: Ott, Leslie, 1972
[Box 3, Folder 18] Student Research Paper: Lawber, Harold, 1973
Journal Articles, Reviews, Papers (Colleagues)
[Box 3, Folder 19] 1938 - 1954
[Box 3, Folder 20] 1955 - 1964
[Box 3, Folder 21] 1971 - 1974
[Box 3, Folder 22] 1976, undated
[Box 3, Folder 23] Leonidas Polk Illustrations, Chess Club Photos, 1857 - 1972
Newsletters and Mementos
[Box 4, Folder 1] Mementos: Charleston, S.C., 1940
[Box 4, Folder 2] Historical Chart of Mankind, 1950
[Box 4, Folder 3] Democratic Digest, Johns Hopkins Magazine, 1961, 1970
[Box 4, Folder 4] Newsletters, News Clippings, and Brochures, 1963 - 1970
[Box 4, Folder 5] Department of History Sign, Travel Forms, undated
[Box 4, Folder 6] North Carolina Postcards, undated
This series contains the correspondence and other administrative information collected by Noblin while he was a member of the North Carolina Chess Associtaion. Materials are arranged chronologically within each subseries.
[Box 4, Folder 7] 1951
[Box 4, Folder 8] 1952
[Box 4, Folder 9] 1953
[Box 4, Folder 10] 1954
[Box 4, Folder 11] 1955
[Box 4, Folder 12] Jan.-Apr. 1956
[Box 4, Folder 13] May-Dec. 1956
[Box 4, Folder 14] Jan.-Jun. 1957
[Box 4, Folder 15] Jul.-Dec. 1957
[Box 4, Folder 16] Jan.-Jul. 1958
[Box 4, Folder 17] Aug.-Dec. 1958
[Box 5, Folder 1] Jan.-Jun. 1959
[Box 5, Folder 2] Jul.-Dec. 1959
[Box 5, Folder 3] Jan.-May 1960
[Box 5, Folder 4] Jun.-Aug. 1960
[Box 5, Folder 5] Sep.-Dec. 1960
[Box 5, Folder 6] Jan.-Apr. 1961
[Box 5, Folder 7] May-Dec. 1961
[Box 5, Folder 8] 1962
[Box 5, Folder 9] Jan.-May 1963
[Box 6, Folder 1] 1964
[Box 6, Folder 2] 1965-1971
[Box 6, Folder 3] undated
Administrative Information
[Box 6, Folder 4] Constitution, Bylaws, Tournament Rules, 1951-1973
[Box 6, Folder 5] Membership, 1951-1961
[Box 6, Folder 6] Treasury, 1951-1960
[Box 6, Folder 7] Tournament Participation, 1951-1962
[Box 6, Folder 8] Publications, Pamphlets, News Articles, 1955-1961
[Legal Box 7, Folder 1] "The Carolina Gambit", 1960-1961
[Legal Box 7, Folder 2] "The Carolina Gambit", 1962-1963


Noblin, Stuart McGuire, 1913-1977


4.5 Linear feet 6 archival boxes, 1 legal sized archival box

General Physical Description note

6 archival boxes, 1 legal sized archival box


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Acquisitions Information

Material donated by Evelyn Blanchard Noblin in 1978 (Accession no. 1978-0003).


Processed by: Michael Watts; machine-readable finding aid created by: Michael Watts

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains book manuscripts, scholarly writings, Fulbright and Guggenheim fellowship applications, speeches, encyclopedia articles, and correspondence generated by Stuart McGuire Noblin during his tenure as a professor of history at North Carolina State University. In addition to papers that were written by Professor Noblin, there are journal articles, reviews, and papers written by his colleagues. There are also a few photographs and a number of alumni publications, as well as course outlines, syllabi, reading lists, exams, class rolls, grade rolls, research and oral report topics, student exams, and term papers from Noblin's classes. Also included are material documenting Noblin's work for the Raleigh Institute of Religion and the United Church of Christ regarding race relations in Raleigh, and papers related to Noblin's participation in the North Carolina Chess Association (NCCA).

Biographical Note

Stuart McGuire Noblin was born in Radford, Virginia, in 1913. He received his bachelor's degree from Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina, majoring in history, and graduating in 1933. He taught junior high school for a brief period in Durham, North Carolina, and then pursued graduate work in history at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He was awarded a Masters of Arts degree in 1935 and a PhD in 1947. While working on the PhD, Noblin taught history at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, and at Davis and Elkins College in West Virginia. Noblin came to Raleigh in 1947 and began work as an assistant professor at North Carolina State College. In 1951, he became an associate professor, and in 1957, a full professor.

Noblin was an authority on the history of the National Grange and American agricultural movements. He authored numerous articles and three books on the subject. These include The Grange in North Carolina 1929 -1954: A Story In Agricultural Progress and Codification of Grange Policy. His most important work is a full length biography of the nationally known farm leader Colonel Leonidas La Fayette Polk, titled Leonidas Layfayette Polk: Agrarian Crusader. This is an account of the man who was North Carolina's first Commissioner of Agriculture, a leader in the establishment of North Carolina State University, and founder of the monthly farm publication, The Progressive Farmer.

As an educator and historian at North Carolina State University, Noblin served as an advisor to the Student Publications Board. He was also active in the American Historical Association, the Southern Historical Association, the Historical Society of North Carolina, the American Association of University Professors, the State Grange, the Raleigh Torch Club, Organization of American Historians, the History of Education Society, and the Wake Historical Society.

Noblin was a leader in Raleigh's Institute of Religion. He studied churches in the South and was active in the movement for the peaceful desegregation of Raleigh. His work in the area led to the publication of a case study on the United Church of Raleigh through the Southern Historical Association in Washington, D.C. As a member of the United Church of Christ in Raleigh, Noblin served as the chairman of the church's Board of Deacons. He was also the church historian.

An expert chess player, Noblin labored diligently to promote the game in North Carolina, and worked cooperatively with chess associations at the national level to stage tournaments and exhibitions for the benefit of local chess enthusiasts. Noblin was the treasurer for the North Carolina Chess Association for two decades, and was the organization's president from 1961 to 1964.

Stuart Noblin was married to Evelyn Blanchard Noblin. His wife worked as a librarian in North Carolina State University's D. H. Hill Library. The couple shared a love of literature and history. Stuart McGuire Noblin died on January 10, 1977, at the age of sixty-three.

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